Elite April 2021


Have you ever opened a container of ice cream and discovered a strange, icy layer sitting at the bottom of the tub? Or you’ve treated yourself to a chocolate, just to realise that the bar’s colour and texture isn’t what it’s supposed to be. That’s because somewhere in the cold chain, that delicious treat wasn’t properly refrigerated and transported to your local grocery store. As a business owner, a simple slip-up by your transport company can cause your business major financial losses. So, why take that risk?

At Elite, we understand that there is no margin for error when it comes to transporting our clients’ cold goods. We know that, in the world of frozen and refrigerated foods, it’s not a matter of “oh, let’s just refreeze it and everything will be good again”; a defrosted product is a spoiled product that cannot and shouldn’t be sold again. That’s why we put stringent measures in place to ensure that every product we transport is kept at the recommended temperatures from point A to point B and delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether we are transporting chocolate Easter bunnies, tubs of ice cream, essential medical supplies or frozen vegetables, we make it our job to really get to know every product in our care, so that we understand the intricacies of transporting it safely – with zero product or profit loss to your business.

With a fleet of over 240 refrigerated trucks, ranging from 1 to 8 ton, we have a truck for every load size, and fit every purpose. As part of our full maintenance lease offering, we offer our clients a one-stop solution that covers everything from purchasing the trucks, to regular services, checking the tyres and getting license renewed on an annual basis. Because as a client of Elite, you can expect nothing less than Elite customer service – every time.