Elite February 2021


Anyone can offer you a truck for hire, a tyre change on the side of the road, or a branded panel van. But the secret to offering an ELITE customer experience is simple: LOVE. At Elite, we believe that what truly sets us apart from the rest, is our love for the journey with you, our valued client.

This journey begins the moment we receive that first email, requesting a quote or asking about “that truck we saw on your Facebook page”. Customer service is something we take very seriously, and we always go the extra mile to provide our clients – or future clients – with competitive quotes and quick, efficient service. Once you join our portfolio of highly valued clients, the journey can take us in many different directions, whether short-term or long-term, to every corner of the country. From cosmetics and food, to chemicals and construction – the industries we serve are vast and endless, and during the pandemic* we’ve also been supporting the pharmaceutical, medical and agricultural industries – all vital to the fight.

See, for the Elite team, running a successful truck hire company is not just about “getting new clients and growing the business”, but rather continuously demonstrating our love for the journey in everything that we do. Whether it’s standing in line to pay truck licences, training new staff and drivers, or sending out our 24/7 road maintenance team, we take exceptionally good care of our clients and our trucks (or in the case of full maintenance leasing, we purpose build, brand and mange your asset on your behalf!)

Because when you love the journey like we do, you always strive for nothing short of ELITE.


The Elite team would like to express our deepest condolences to all those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and who have lost loved ones during this difficult time. Our thoughts also go out to all frontline workers, who continue to put their lives at risk every day, to help fight the battle. It’s far from over, but we are #StrongerTogether