We don’t shy away from a challenge


There’s something you should know about us: We don’t shy away from a challenge. Our clients often have special needs and request that maybe fall without the scope of traditional transportation services. But in pure Elite fashion, we always try to find a way!

Take this logistics client of ours, for instance. One of our team members were following them on social media during the pandemic and saw a request for food and clothing donations as part of the KZN relief effort. What started out as a customer to business message soon turned into strong business-to-business relationship.

In January 2022, Elite became this company’s full maintenance service provider. However, this was no ordinary client! They required specific procedures to be followed, while also expecting an exceptionally high level of service excellence. This involved taking photos at every point of the transportation journey – from the loading and unloading to exact positioning as the trucks moved around the various provinces.

What’s more, the machinery that we were transporting had to be handled with the utmost care, so as not to disturb the calibration. With every project we took on, we went the extra mile to offer Elite service – and to date we have received nothing but compliments!

It wasn’t long before the client started using our services for other projects, including shipping pharmaceutical products at very precise temperatures. Naturally, we stepped up to the plate and we look forward to many more challenging and exciting projects in the future!

Offering an Elite service is our goal, and we truly welcome any challenge and specialist project! If you’re interested to find out more about our full maintenance leasing option, contact us today for a customised quote.

Alternatively, for short-term rental information, download our brochure, to learn more about the trucks available in our fleet.

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