Did you know that South Africa’s dairy cow industry is one of the largest agricultural industries in the country? Who would have thought that milk, cheese and yogurt could provide employment for over 40 000 people?

Needless to say, we have so much respect for dairy farmers and we’re proud to be able to support you!

Of course, as any diary farmer would tell you, owning a dairy farm is about more than just buying a few prize cows on auction and milking them a few times a day. From getting a grip on the diseases and ensuring that your cows are property housed and fed, to learning how to use milking equipment and ensuring 100% hygiene across all areas of the milking chain.

It’s a lot to handle! So, let us take care of transportation, so that you can focus on all of the above, and more.

See, at Elite Truck Hire, we understand the ins and outs of transporting dairy and dairy products across the supply chain. From factory to depot to store and beyond, we take care of the nitty gritty things like maintaining your trucks, paying e-tolls, and transporting your products with the utmost of care.

In fact, we have an entire fleet of refrigerated vehicles, in all shapes and sizes, to ensure that your products are transported at the temperatures so that the quality isn’t compromised. To further bring value to our clients, we recently partnered with Droppa – an on-demand delivery service that makes it safer and easier to move products.

“Elite is all about our customers, keeping them moving and offering the right solutions from the farm to the consumers home,” says Hennie Verster, GM: Sales and Marketing. “Our customer makes up big and small businesses, therefore we have partnered with Droppa to make sure we are accessible to all businesses across South African.”

Because just like you’re an expert in dairy farming, we’re an expert in trucking and transporting your products – and together, we’re bound to make a force be reckoned with.

Contact us today and we will answer your questions and/or provide you with a customised quote.

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