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Have you been searching for truck hire companies? Looking for a one-stop shop for all your short term truck renting needs?

Servicing the South African industry for over 25 years. We provide fleet solutions that save money and time. Whether you need a truck rental for a day or a fleet of specialist vehicles for years, we have the flexibility and specialist expertise to meet all your short term truck renting requirements and expectations.

Our customers represent a full spectrum of Industries including Cosmetics, Chemicals, Confectionery, Construction, Motor Manufacturing, Refrigeration and Express Freight.

Staffing services are in demand on a contract basis. This applies to Drivers, Van Assistants and Contract Supervisors who are dedicated to customer premises or sites.

Our Services

As one of the leading truck hire companies, our services include:

Our Short Term Truck Renting Fleet Includes

About Short Term Truck Renting Services

Companies across many industry sectors can struggle to predict changes in business demand. Luckily, your fleet capacity doesn't have to be permanent either. Our short-term truck rental services offering allows you to return fleet vehicles, reducing the risks associated with signing long leasing contracts. Making truck hire companies, a beneficial choice.