Refrigerated Truck Rentals Services

Making Refrigerated Truck Rental Easy

Our Refrigerated Trucks are among the most reliable in the refrigerated truck rentals industry. These well-maintained and driver-friendly vehicles assure that your business can be conducted without interruption or downtime.

Servicing the South African industry for over 25 years. We provide fleet solutions that save money and time. Whether you need commercial truck rental for a day or a fleet of specialist vehicles for years, we have the flexibility and specialist expertise to meet all your commercial truck rental requirements and expectations.

Staffing services are in demand on a contract basis. This applies to Drivers, Van Assistants and Contract Supervisors who are dedicated to customer premises or sites.

Our Refrigerated Truck Rental Services Include

Benefits Of Refrigerated Truck Rental?

Cost Effective

Elite Truck Hire, provides businesses with cost-effective, convenient and flexible vehicle solutions as a supplement or alternative to buying or leasing your fleet.

Elite Truck Hire, can help you realize cost savings in a variety of scenarios such as seasonal and peak business demands, project-based opportunities, and fulfilling long-term commitments, with options like our Refrigerated Truck Rental services.

Fleet Options

Using Refrigerated Truck Rental, also lets you supplement your current fleet while also offering more specialized vehicles that you might not use every day, allowing you access to the right trucks to ensure your business needs are met.

The Right Truck When You Need It

Refrigerated truck rental is a great solution for any business that happens to have one of their own trucks out of commission due to necessary repairs or a mechanical fault. If you rely heavily on your own refrigerated trucks to ensure the efficient operations of your business, then it's important to always have a back-up.

Our Also Fleet Includes