Elite Truck Hire

Elite Truck Hire is an established BEE Black Economically Empowered (Level 2, value added cintributor) business and has gained a favourable reputation by enhancing customer productivity and service levels for the past 20 years.

The Company has enjoyed an established business partnership exceeding 10 years with 75% of its major customers.

We provide services to 500 customers with a fleet strength exceeding 1300 vehicles.

Our customers represent a full spectrum of Industries including Cosmetics, Chemicals, Confectionery, Construction, Motor Manufacturing, Refrigeration and Express Freight.

Originally founded in Gauteng, the company provides services from Branch Locations on the East Rand and West Rand and Cape Town.

Services include the short and long term rental of commercial vehicles ranging in size from 1 Ton to 14 Ton freight carriers.

Staffing services are in demand on a contract basis. This applies to Drivers, Van Assistants and Contract Supervisors who are dedicated to customer premises or sites.

Full Maintenance Leasing/FML is our Premier Service that has experienced high growth levels in the past 5 years. New vehicles are purchased and customised to meet our customers' exact specifications, including sign writing to meet the users Corporate Identity. The duration of FML agreements ranges from 36 to 60 months.

The company has expanded into the Refrigeration and Construction Industries with Crane Trucks and refrigeration equipment now on offer.

Head Office is located in Industria West, Johannesburg, Gauteng. The company organogram illustrates a very flat staffing structure with only one level of Management who report directly to the Managing Director. This strategy allows quick decision making processes and ensures direct involvement by the Managing Director in all Company disciplines.

Two associated businesses include Elite Line Haul which is a heavy, long distance transport operator linking centres throughout the country. Elite Line Haul also operates cross border to destinations in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique. Elite Forklift Services offer a comprehensive range of Forklift Trucks on FML and short term rental.

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